About This Site

I have been running this site in one form or another since the year 2000. It has been hand-coded (2000-2008), it has been a WordPress blog (2008-2012), it has been generated by static site generators - Jekyll (2012-2017), Gatsby (2017-2021) and most recently Hugo (2021-Present). I don't publish very much or very often, and I'm the only user I manage on this site, so the serverless nature the static site generator suites me just fine. And yes, it's hella fast!

What I Want this Site to Do

I started this site mostly to discuss issues of the day and remark on politics and technology news (this was all in a pre-Facebook, pre-Twitter world). As time went on the subjects I focused on became more centered around things unique to me, and the tempo slowed significantly.

Now, my goal is to find something worthy to publish once a quarter. Which with a family now - means I'm doing pretty good if I get one or two things out a year.

How I Do It

As mentioned above, I've most recently moved this site onto Hugo. The page generation is scary fast. It's a pussycat to work with, I was able to leverage all the content which was already had in markdown, drop it into Hugo and run. The templating system is intuitive and easy to pick-up. Heck, I even wrote my own theme Hoggo.



I use AWS. For the pricing, the scalability and the breadth of service it's been an easy choice and importantly, they have given me few reasons to look elsewhere.

What I Have Left to Do

A lot! This site is always changing. I'm have many thoughts on how I might, re-jigger, optimize or just explore a new path in how to do things. Stay tuned and see what happens!