Hi there! I'm Dave

I am a Front-End Developer who loves to build performant, usable, accessible experiences. I enjoy working as part of a high-caliber, synergetic team where I can dream big & get products over the line and on to our users screen.

Born and raised in Hampton Roads, Virginia I spent most of my early life working on the water with my father who was a Chesapeake Bay Waterman. In college I studied History. But it was the introduction of a personal computer to write my senior thesis that shaped my future.

Over the following years I worked variously as a Multimedia Author, a Video Game Tester, a Roadie and a Travel Blogger. But my passion is always for developing efficient, maintainable, and scalable front-end systems.

I'm not all business and I do know how to have a bit of fun. I've traveled the world with my wife, I've cycled across the US, Australia and New Zealand, I've run a couple of marathons and found the time to have two wonderful kids.

Conversation Starters:

  • Ask me about the hit Bollywood Movie I was in: Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na
  • Need a cycling tip? I have biked across the United States, Australia and New Zealand
  • Looking for travel advice? My wife and I took a Gap year, traveled around the word and wrote a blog about it.
  • Some help on pronunciation: My last name is 'Hogge' it is pronounced \ˈhȯg\ and rhymes with dog, log, and jog.
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Change Log

A record of notable changes in my life and career over time.



  • It seems selling travel insurance during a global pandemic is difficult, so Cover-More Group is cutting way, way, way back on overhead. My position (like most others in the North American offices) is a Covid-19 causality.
  • Because of the above, and the general difficulty with virtual learning, we've taken the opportunity to pull the kids from school and go full-on Home School. Yes, I'm the teacher now.
  • Searching for a silver-lining around all of the above, I'll have more time to write some posts about the craft of front-end work.


  • Did my third Football (read 'Soccer') tour of England in three years. My wife might start asking questions. This time: participated in a five-a-side tournament at the Emirates representing 'Team Cover-More' an official sponsor of Arsenal Football Club.


  • G-day! I'm joining Cover-More Group as a Front End Developer in their DC office. I'll be working in Fintech for this Travel Insurance provider and it's worldwide partners.
  • Did a third Football (read 'Soccer') tour of England. Seeing 5 matches over another holiday weekend.


  • Did a second Football (read 'Soccer') tour of England. Seeing 5 matches over a long weekend.


  • Relaunched all Discovery Web Sites on a PHP/WordPress Stack with Backbone rendered views.


  • Relaunched all Discovery Web Sites on a Python/Django Stack.


  • Working as a Front End Developer at Discovery Communications. Primarily working on the Video Platform used by a dozen US Networks.



  • Married my wonderful wife LeeAnne Adams after front-loading a honeymoon wherein we rode our bikes on a, self-contained cycling trip from Portland to San Francisco.



  • Ran my first marathon - the Washington DC Marathon.
  • Web site for 'Brake the Cycle' for the USCCB.
  • Biked across Colorado with my future wife.


  • Took a three month long sabbatical to ride my bike on a solo, self-contained Tour of the United States.
  • Did a two week Football (read 'Soccer') tour of England. Seeing 7 matches, touring four stadiums and visiting three team museums.


  • Became a full-time web professional as a Front End Developer at CDG Interactive. Working on a variety of web sites and web applications for such clients as: GEICO and Fannie Mae.


  • Took a two month long sabbatical to ride my bike on a solo, self-contained Tour of Australia.


  • Began life as a developer at Sensory Computing, Inc. (Which soon became Plateau Systems, Limited) developing Computer Based Training for Distance Learning projects.


  • Went on tour as Roadie for Sleepy Time Trio on their first US tour.
  • Worked as a Technical Support Staff member at Optical Technologies Group.


  • I bought my first computer. For no other reason than to write my Senior Thesis on the 'War of the Pacific'.
  • Graduate College with a Bachelor's Degree in History - still waiting to put that to use.
  • Began career as a Video Game Tester and Software Support Representative at Legend Entertainment