Going Around the World, be Right Back

So, LeeAnne and I have taken the decision to quit our jobs, rent out our house and take a Gap Year to travel around the world. Yes, this was a rather rash choice.

You see, we were watching “The Bourne Supremacy” which opens with Jason and Marie on the lamb in Goa for six months. I turned to LeeAnne and said: “I’d like to spend six months in Goa.” To which she said “Why don’t we?”, which can be a surprisingly hard question to answer when put to you like that. Our situation being: we have two incomes and no kids (yet), we recently sold a property and have a have a bit of money in the bank, and we do play to have kids, so it’s kind of either do it now, or do it in twenty-five years.

We opted for now.

And as happens, we expanded the scope of our trip well, well beyond Goa. Right now we are planning to start in New Zealand, this hit Australia, India, China, South and East Africa, Mauritius, the UK and Turkey.

So see you all soon, even if you can’t come with us you can follow along on our blog Go There and Back.